Portable Lightbox To-Go™ - Double-sided Portable LED Display

The Adder Portable SEG Lightbox To-Go™ frame is a portable LED system that is easy to assemble and bring to trade shows and events. The patented bracing together with Philips LED technology holds the fabric panel tight for a flat panel with even lighting. The system is also available in a hard case with wheels for easy transportation.


  • Philips LED System
  • Only 3.15" in depth (80 mm)
  • Easy assembly with plug & play light technology
  • Strong and sturdy construction for a flat panel with even lighting
  • Can be delivered with hard case with wheels

    Product info


    • Width
      100 cm (39.4”)
    • Height
      200 cm (78.8”)
    • Depth
      120 mm (3.15”)
    • Weigth
      12 kg (26 lbs)

    Transport hard case (optional)

    • Width
      39 cm (15.4")
    • Height
      30 cm (11.8")
    • Length
      116 cm (45.7")


Product sheet PDF